The Shallow Coastline

A short video documentary of a few fish common along the coast of Maui, Hawaii, USA. The video includes green sea turtles and a number of fish species including a barbed file fish, a scorpion fish, racoon butterfly fish, wedge tail trigger fish, convict fish, trumpet fish, and more. 

Written and produced by Mark Shepherd
Executive Producer Swapna Shepherd
Co-Executive Producer - Mark Shepherd
a MyEarth Production
Mastered at Blue Sled Studios by Mark Shepherd
Copyright Blue Sled Publishing 2016

When They Are Gone

‚ÄčIn this short documentary, information regarding endangered species is presented in a way to emphasize the current biodiversity crisis. Conservation artist Swapna Shepherd and Justin Shepherd have also included their art emphasizing the need for conservation efforts on the part of the public. Some species that are not endangered are also presented as a way to emphasize a stable population does not guarantee survival in a world where habitat loss is common.

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