Who is Mark Shepherd

Mark Shepherd has been an environmental professional for over 20 years. Before starting Blue Sled Publishing, Mark also worked as an environmental health professional to help build the capital needed to fund a publishing company, including a sound and film production studio in Austin, Texas.  He has a Ph.D. in Environmental Health and Toxicology from the University of Nebraska Medical Center, a Masters of Environmental Studies, and a Bachelor degree in Political Science from Baylor University.  


Blue Sled Publishing is a small book, music and film publishing company started by Mark Shepherd in 2013.    

We write, produce and publish music and films in many genres. We are always looking for new actors and artists.  

Film Production

Blue sled publishing began producing short-films and feature length films in 2016.  The first short film, "The Shed" was produced for the 48hr Film Project.  

Who is Blue Sled Publishing?